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#1.05: The “Move Your Money” Issue

1 > Simplify Transactions: Payment management solution
2 > Send Smart: Get professional before you mail
3 > Consolidate: Centralize your payables online
4 > Check It Out: Change your aura with feng shui

1 > Simplify Transactions: Payment management solution

With money flying in, out, and everywhere each day, why not simplify your company’s account-tracking process? An online tool that manages easy, paper-free transactions, currently has 10 million consumers hooked on their service. Paypal now offers corporate accounts, letting businesses manage payables and receivables online. Business users can accept online credit card payments without opening a merchant account, and can create online shopping carts that integrate fully with the Paypal service. What’s more, users can make thousands of payments at once without ever having to write a check. The mass payment feature lets you pay out all of your affiliate commissions, employee benefits, and customer rebates, with the simple upload of one text file. So why not lose the hassle and manage it online? Service fees are based on transactions completed.

The lesson: Making money is the hard part. Collecting and managing it should be easy. So try out a service that simplifies the administration, leaving the bulk of your time to be spent on the real issues.

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2 > Send Smart: Get professional before you mail

Print stamps from your laser printer right onto your direct mail. Check out, the Internet mailing solution that lets you print labels and postage, including your company logo, directly onto envelopes and packages, eliminating one huge step from the fulfillment process. The service integrates fully with most existing databases, provides full tracking of your sending and spending for the year, and costs only $16 per month plus the cost of postage. It even verifies all addresses before printing out labels, and of course it lets you cross “stop at the post office” off your to-do list.

The lesson: Cut a step out of the fulfillment process while adding a degree of professionalism to all mailings bearing your logo. Capitalize on this convenience and save the aspirin for another day.

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3 > Consolidate: Centralize your payables online

We’ve all got bills. We all hate to pay them. But at least there’s a way to make it easier to manage the process. Let Paymybills pay your bills. This online bill-management solution lets users receive, pay, and organize bills online for under $5 per month plus a minimal cost for each completed transaction, and even exports directly into most bookkeeping systems. Users simply sign up, have all bills forwarded to an address provided by, and receive an email each time a new bill is received. The user can manage the entire account online, determine when and how much to pay for each bill, and even set up recurring payments. At the year’s end, users receive a CD with a complete record of all bills and activity on the user’s account.

The lesson: Save postage, cut paper work, and avoid late fees with this all-encompassing service.

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4 > Check it Out: Change your aura with feng shui

Now that your accounting is easy as pie, you’ve got plenty of time in your office to just be. So check out Tranquil Spaces Design Group’s weekly email newsletter Feng Shui Tips. This weekly email offers up some expert tips and tricks to turn your office into a healthy, harmonious environment to help you locate your yin as well as your yang.

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