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Archive | November, 2003

#4.20: The “Customers Customizing Issue” Issue

The “Customers Customizing Issue” Issue 1> This One Takes The Cake 2> Everybody Wants To Be A DJ 3> Get Your Own Personal Editor 4> Check It Out: Are You A Geek? 1> This One Takes The Cake What’s the perfect cheesecake? Plain, chocolate — or covered with nuts, marshmallows, fruit, and sprinkles? The legendary […]

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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #124

Find Your Chicken Issue # 124 1> What’s Your Chicken? 2> Split Your Subject 3> Get Creative 1> What’s Your Chicken? IVillage’s food channel discovered that emails with the word “chicken” in the subject had a better response rate than anything else. Readers loved those recipes and that word. There are plenty of theories about […]

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