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Archive | June, 2007

Squidoo – I get it now!

Squidoo is a Seth Godin project. I’ll be the first to admit that I just didn’t understand it when it first launched.  Well, I get it now, and it’s pretty cool. It’s also an important word of mouth marketing tool. Short version: 1. Build a page on a topic.  2. Add a bunch of links […]

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Psychological secrets of successful entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs old and new … check out this column I wrote for Center Networks about some of the emotional tricks necessary to win the startup game.  They running a month-long series of smart guest columns. Andy’s Tips – Psychological Secrets of Successful Startups In the end, it’s not brains, or good ideas, or money that […]

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Ahhh…. AT&T

Called AT&T to get a phone line fixed.Got disconnected.They called right back … and said "I’m so sorry we got disconnected." They were proactive, polite, and apologetic.So meaningful, and so easy to do. Nicely done, AT&T! Refreshing!

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The rising importance of word of mouth

New research from eMarketer about the importance of word of mouth marketing. Highlights: 25 million US adults regularly share advice on products or services online 91% of US adults regularly or occasionally seek advice about products or services 94.1% of US adults regularly or occasionally give advice to others about products or services "Recommendations from […]

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Mini-Review: Microsoft Office 2007 Upgrade

I optimistically upgraded a few weeks ago. This product quite possibly may have had more usability research and testing than any other product in the history of the world.  The result? Some nice improvements, but nothing that will change your world. One awesome new feature: RSS reader built into Outlook. New interface seems weird at […]

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Who’s filming you? How would you look?

Watch the latest angry-customer viral video:  An airline passenger stuck on a plane, who interviewed the pilot and put it on YouTube.  Read the comments here and here. This is the latest in a series that features Comcast, AOL, and … your company?  Important lessons for all businesses: Every one of your customers is holding […]

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Email plus blogs

By now you’ve noticed that I send a weekly email newsletter … which I also post to the blog. (The posts that start with a # are also email newsletters. Archives here.)  They work really well together. The newsletter started in 2001 (88 issues so far), the blog is a recent addition.   I’m a HUGE […]

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#6.04: The “Everything You Need To Know About Word of Mouth Marketing, Part 2” Issue

It all comes down to this: Happy customers are your best advertisers. If people like you and like what you do, they will tell their friends. 1> Lesson 3: The Three Reasons People Talk About You 2> Lesson 4: The Five Ts of Word of Mouth Marketing 3> Example: Kiehl’s Free Samples Read Lessons 1 […]

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ProFlowers thinks I’m gay

If you’re going to personalize your marketing with customer purchase data, do it right or don’t do it at all. See the attached email I received from ProFlowers asking if I want to send flowers to Keith and Robert.  This would not make my wife happy.  Even worse, last time I send something to Keith […]

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