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3-Minute WOM Lesson: How to get great testimonials in 15 minutes

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Great testimonials are fantastic sales tools that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to collect. Three ideas on how to do it:

1> Get them on camera
2> Get them on the phone
3> Get them online

1> Get them on camera

Whether in your store or at your events, be ready to interview anyone who wants to offer some praise. You don’t need Hollywood-quality footage — most modern digital cameras take great video. Just keep the clips short and unscripted and you’ll find yourself quickly collecting authentic testimonials you can use in a bunch of different ways.

2> Get them on the phone

An old-fashioned phone call is a great way to reach out to your customers and collect a few testimonials. Start by making sure they’re happy with their service and if they start saying nice things, ask if it’d be OK to use it as a testimonial. Not only will you build relationships with existing customers, but you’ll also pick up a few lines of praise you can use to earn new ones.

3> Get them online

One of the fastest ways to gather testimonials is by asking online. If you’ve earned friends on Twitter or Facebook, try sending them a quick, polite request for a short testimonial. Done right, you’ll instantly collect a fresh batch of loving blurbs from a wide range of fans.

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