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#4.09: The “Business Blogging” Issue

Blogs are the hottest new form of web publishing. Did you know they can also be used to significantly increase traffic to your web site?

1> What: Blogs For Your Business
2> Why: Higher Search Engine Ranking For Free
3> When: Frequent Publishing Attracts Fresh Leads
4> How: Learning To Blog

1> What: Blogs For Your Business

Are you blogging yet? A blog is a frequently updated web site where you post fresh content on a daily basis, with entries posted chronologically. Business bloggers post information that is relevant to their customers, prospects, and partners to create a window into the thinking that makes a business successful. A good blog provides nearly instant visibility to your company’s public information. The media coverage on blogs and blogging has increased dramatically recently, and Google bought leading blog web site

THE LESSON: Don’t be the last one on your block to add blogs to your emarketing toolbox.

2> Why: Higher Search Engine Ranking For Free

The tightly focused information in a blog often attracts top-ten ranking for their targeted key phrases on major search engines sometimes within just a few days. This works because the format of a blog matches up with the types of data that the search engines index automatically. Blogging expert John Lawlor achieved top-ten positions on Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Overture within 72-hours of launching, a blogging information site.

THE LESSON: Launching a successful blogging strategy can reduce your search engine marketing costs.


3> When: Frequent Publishing Attracts Fresh Leads

Blogging enables marketers and editors to instantly post new information to their blogs as fast as they create it. It’s the easiest way to keep your web site current — and current information provides a reason for prospective customers to come back for another visit. You can even post the content of your email newsletters to your blog. That gives you extra exposure for the text you’ve already written, and search engines can index your newsletter and bring in prospects not already on your mailing list.

THE LESSON: Turn a stale web site into a compelling news site with a basic blog.

4> How: Learning To Blog

The best way to learn about blogging is to read web sites of successful bloggers, especially those focused on the marketing sector. offers seminars and brainstorming sessions that will educate and energize your team and create a strategy can be used to immediately launch and monitor a new blogging program. The other great way to learn about blogging is to try it. Any business or individual can start blogging for less than $5 per month with services like Userland’s Radio ( and Blogger Pro ( You’ll publish your first blog within 20 minutes.

THE LESSON: Blogging is easy, it’s cheap, and it works. Try it and watch your web traffic jump.

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