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A conference so great that attendees are creating independent word of mouth campaigns to get their friends to attend too

People who have attended the Word of Mouth Crash Course are so in love with it that they are creating their own campaigns to get their friends to come. It’s a reunion, a rally, and a remarkable day of learning. Find out why — click here.

Why aren’t you registered yet? There’s no other event like it. The word of mouth proves it.

Look at what WindsorONE is doing to get their clients to join us:

It will be your favorite conference this year, guaranteed. Find out why — click here.

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  1. Braden April 13, 2012 at 9:17 am #

    Loved watching WindsorOne’s case study at the last Crash Course (known by early attendees as SuperGenius!) in NYC.

    Supplying the audience with spaghetti and tomatoes to throw at them while on stage convinced me that their session was one that I should not miss.

    Good Luck with the event GasPedal Team!

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