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A little design adds a lot of value

Now that every grocery store sells take-out sushi, how does the take-out sushi store make sure they look like a better choice?

A bit of well-designed packaging helps.  I don't get to sample the product until I get home — but this premium packaging tells me that the store takes their food seriously. I also paid 10%-20% extra.

Remember, great design is a one-time cost and a long-time benefit.

CIMG1464 CIMG1462 CIMG2174

P.S. Check out — a blog of the best product packaging.

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  1. Torley May 15, 2009 at 11:47 am #

    It’s fitting for sushi too, because it’s considered such an elegant food in its presentation — therefore, the packaging should match its aesthetic appeal.
    For the record, quality typography is underrated. The popularity of cursive may be plunging but there’s always value in going beyond the letters and making each character — combined cohesively — tell a story. Certain cultures like the Japanese understand this better than others, due to generations of influence and a more visually-oriented language.

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