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Before you pay for a big, expensive, gimmick campaign to impress a blogger …

Try something simple. Like inviting them over for tea and conversation.

wonderlandbakery_alice_promoDon Levy at Sony Pictures wanted Oscar bloggers to write about the visual effect of the movie.

Academy voters don’t necessarily have access to the same level of knowledge and understanding about the work that members of the visual effects branch, who do the nominating, do. So we enlisted Oscar bloggers and pundits to become aware so they could help describe the work. You win or lose based on a variety of factors but as long as the decision is made by a reasonably informed electorate, the outcome seems more valid.

So he partnered with a local bakery (which happened to be called Wonderland) and invited bloggers for tea, dessert, and conversation about the movie. It worked: Samples of coverage from the NY Times & LA Times.

Bloggers aren’t in it to be impressed by your PR stunts. They want great stuff to write about. So skip the stunts and instead share your best work and build a quality relationship. The more they know you and like you, the more they’ll write about you.

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  1. Darren February 22, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    I think you’re being a little too harsh on gimmicks to get bloggers’ attention here. First, one can create cool, compelling gimmicks which are neither big or expensive. A simple example: for a luxury resort, we sent coconuts with custom URLs labels to a bunch of bloggers and online media.

    We often use gimmicks are an introduction to a new blogger or member of the online media–it’s a splashy way to demonstrate that we value their attention enough to produce something customized and compelling. From there it’s all about relationship building, as you say.

    I mention this because you seem to disregard the fundamental problem of getting a blogger’s attention. Most of them receive as much email as your average offline journalist, and so breaking through that noise requires, to my mind, something a little remarkable.

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