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Bob Garfield on Chrysler's social media blooper

I always enjoy Bob Garfield’s commentary. He’s the funniest (and smartest) observer of the ad business. He has a new feature on iMedia Connection called Bob Garfield’s Lounge.

Here’s a great interview with Joseph Dumont about how Chrysler dealt with a dumb tweet by a junior employee.

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  1. Christopher O. Wait August 9, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    Social Media is supposed to be about open, honest communication. What was wrong with an employee – or a brand for that matter – having an opinion? Okay, maybe cursing wasn’t the best choice, but it showed their passion and belief in their statement.

    Chrysler firing the employee said to the public “we cannot allow our employees to speak for the brand. Chrysler doesn’t curse. Chrysler fires their employees after a first mistake”

    As soon as I heard that this employee was fired I immediately came up with a better idea…

    Chrysler would have made a much better impact by realizing that their employee may have had something there and invested some money into local or even national driver education programs.

    Instantaneously flipping a bad moment to a Chrysler does good moment.

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