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“Chocolaty” = Someone’s lying to your kids

If someone describes food as “Chocolaty” instead of “Chocolate” — they’re intentionally trying to trick you. It’s not chocolate, it’s not food, and it’s a word invented to deceive.

Take your business elsewhere.

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  1. Dustin April 5, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    I think this post, while making a good point, is inaccurate. Our company sells a cookie called, Ruthie’s Chocolate Cocoa Mocha cookie, and I describe it as, “that chocolaty” because we put chocolate, and cocoa (and coffee) in it. This word chocolaty can be used to deceive, but that isn’t it’s primary, or only intention. For example someone might use the term chocolaty to describe undertones in wine, or other flavorful items. I think you were a little too absolute about this word. Just my two cents. That said, I do get your point, I’m just picking on your semantics.

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