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Costco: Real customer support

I just bought a projector from Costco.  I get this email:


Congratulations on your recent purchase of the VIEWSONIC PJ503D DLP SVGA (item # 229495) from

FREE Technical Support is offered exclusively for Costco members who have purchased a television, computer, camera, camcorder or an iPod/MP3 player from Costco or

If you experience problems setting up or installing your new electronics item, call Costco’s Concierge Service at 1-866-861-0450.  They can walk you through the process over the phone and if covered under manufacturer’s warranty you may receive in-home service.

Costco’s Concierge Services can be reached by calling 1-866-861-0450 between 5a.m. – 10 p.m. (PST), 7 days a week, excluding holidays.

We hope you enjoy your new purchase and if you should have questions that one of our representatives may assist you with, please contact us at 1-800-955-2292 or email us at

We value you as a customer and appreciate your business.

Sincerely, Customer Service

Well played, Costco.  One more reason to buy from you – and one that isn’t just about price.

This should completely freak out the big-box retailers, who are still more focused on selling you an extended warranty than making sure you have a great product experience.  Best Buy – can you use your Geek Squad to do free installation support?

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  1. Sue @ TameBay October 29, 2007 at 2:11 pm #

    5am to 10pm? CS open when you might actually be home? That’s really impressive!

  2. Ron Friesen November 17, 2007 at 8:09 pm #

    Interesting comment posted the very same day (Oct. 27) I purchased a ViewSonic PJ503d projector from On October 31 I got the very same congratualatory letter. I got the projector on November 5. Used it twice in the next few days – worked perfectly. On the 14th wanted to use it again. First I got a “no signal” message; then that image flipped to backward and then upside down. Couldn’t find any help in the user’s guide. Well good – I have free “concierge” technical support. I called – they couldn’t validate my membership in their data base. The tech promised (this was late at night) to go to Membership services and call me tomorrow night (15th) – no call. On the 16th I called again. This time I was accused of gaming the system and trying to get support for a projector I had bought at Best Buy or using someone else’s card. The tech again couldn’t find me in the data base to validate my membership. It appears their IT and the quality of their tech training leaves much to be desired or this is their way of not providing services. I sent a long email documenting my experiences to customer services on Fri nite (16th). We’ll wait and see how they handle this (probably after the weekend) In the meantime I have a $400+ projector I can’t use because their promised “concierge” service refuses to help me BTW, I purchsed it at because of this promise and bought a membership even though the closest Costco is 35 miles away. I figured that promise and the 2 year Costco backed guarantee was worth that membership fee.

  3. Andy Sernovitz November 18, 2007 at 9:30 am #

    And that’s the flip side: Great word of mouth comes from great service … with an obligation to keep it great for the long term. You have to back up your talk with substance or in backfires.

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