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Every so often, send your customer something that has absolutely no sales pitch at all

They’ll notice it, and they’ll appreciate it.

(And maybe they’ll stop ignoring your salesy mailings and pay attention to those, too.)

Great example: A nice thank-you note from Discover Card.

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  1. Glenn Street September 30, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    Andy, my wife has sent hand-made thank you cards, sans sales pitch, to her patients for quite a while. A few people would call and thank her for the card. But the most recent added twist is she now buries the company name (and hers) to the point people really have to look for it.

    The clearly hand made-nature of the card arouses curiosity, making the search for the senders name feel like an adventure. The number of “Thank you for the thoughtful card” calls that she now gets has skyrocketed after she made her name almost invisible. Less is more? Or is branding so common we really notice (and appreciate) when someone doesn’t blow their horn in an obvious manner?

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