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Give every customer a snapshot to share

CIMG1735 They take your picture whenever you go to an amusement park or cruise ship. Then they try to sell it to you for 20 bucks.

What a great way to kill the word of mouth. It’s short-sighted behavior, looking at the quick cash instead of the long-term referrals.

Here’s what I would do: Give every visitor to a tourist attraction at least 10 photos and videos to share.

  • Photograph and film them in multiple locations and attractions
  • Give them a card with a URL so they can find their photo
  • Upload them to Facebook and YouTube – because that’s where the sharing happens
  • Set up an e-card kiosk so they can share the photos with friends before they leave
  • Set up a Twitter photo kiosk (or a backdrop with a “Tweet This” sign), encourage visitors to tweet their photos all over the place

Here’s an interesting technology from eShots to automate it

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  1. Nick S. August 17, 2009 at 9:54 am #

    What fantastic ideas! I imagine that the photos taken when people go down the big drops on roller coasters would be the most-shared photos from the amusement parks. Those are always so much fun to look at.
    Nice job, Andy!

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