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How Allen-Edmonds can make $2.5 million extra this year

imageI love Allen-Edmonds shoes. For guys like me who like shiny shoes, they are the best, and we're pretty crazy passionate about them.

So how do they make $2.5 million extra?

Put free shoe shines back in the stores (they used to offer this). Offer to shine any shoes, not just their brand.

  • 32 company-owned stores x 25 shines per day = 5,600 new visits/week
  • Sell 5 extra pairs per store per week = 8,320 new sales/year
  • 8,320 sales at $300 each =  $2,496,000 in new revenue

I actually think this is conservative. At a big store, they could have 100+ visitors per day.

The lesson:

  1. Give your customers a reason to visit your store.
  2. Give them a reason to tell their friends to visit.
  3. Give them a reason to drop by even when they're not ready to buy. They'll buy someday.

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