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How long are your shirt tails?

shirt tailsA good men’s shirt has long tails (it keeps the shirt tucked in).

A manufacturer can save millions by slicing a few inches off the bottom of every shirt.

Bad companies look at this as a spreadsheet question: How much money can we save by reducing fabric quantity?

But the most important data never shows up on a spreadsheet: Customers who bought the shirt, thought it seemed short/cheap, and never came back. Your “fabric cost” spreadsheet doesn’t have a column for “customer retention costs.” Which means you may be saving money on a cheap product, but losing more money in lost repeat sales.

A good company has better math: What is the most economical way to keep our customers happy?

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  1. Eleanor January 24, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    Well, point taken – but – younger guys don’t tuck as much, so they do like the shorter tails. It depends on the look. :)

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