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How to get 1,637 customer testimonials

imageNothing on earth builds more credibility than real testimonials from real customers.

That’s why you have to be impressed with the 1,637 testimonials posted on When your customers love you, you should be showing it off.

A few tips for getting great testimonials:

1. Ask. People need to know that you need and appreciate their sharable recommendations.

2. Use real names. We want to know who is recommending you. A generic comment from “Ron M. in Minnesota” does more harm than good.

3. Show it off. Don’t bury the reviews. Put them all on an easy-to-find page, spread them around your site, and feature them in ads.

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  1. Dan Keldsen September 29, 2013 at 11:37 am #

    Completely agree with the overall concept, but in businesses relating to health, it can be challenging to ask people to disclose their full names and details, as they feel (and corporate lawyers can feel) that they are stepping over the line for health privacy laws.

    Any guidance on that front?

    Realistically, it seems that health-related organizations have to somewhat obscure the names of the customers, patients, etc., or else run afoul of the law.

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