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How to get people to friend your business on Facebook

  1. Ask nicely
  2. Make a nice offer, like a small gift, discount, or a donation to charity
  3. Don’t get fancy

Don’t turn it into an ad campaign. Social media is supposed to be social and fun. If you over-produce it and over-complicate it — it turns into annoying advertising, and a turn-off.

A simple example, done well, from REI:


(Did you notice that I write about REI a lot? They do a lot of fantastic, simple, genuine, effective marketing — with little flash and a lot of substance.)

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  1. Keith Everett January 19, 2011 at 4:44 am #

    Great post

    It’s often the simple ideas that work the best and we sometimes forget that it’s SOCIAL media, i.e let’s keep it social.



  1. Quick Take – Incentivizing Brand Advocates « thedisruptive - February 24, 2011

    […] Here’s my take.  I believe we’re moving towards an extremely vital moment where true psychological motivations will be revealed and worked into the marketing mix more effectively than we’re currently seeing.  My unscientific opinion on the matter at hand is that people are inherently selfish (in varying degrees) and motivated mostly as such.  As Rob mentioned, Person A recommends a restaurant to Person B not because she wants to see the restaurant increase profits, but because she wants her friend to experience a happy dining time and she wants to be linked with that experience. That entire situation exists without the need to incentivize (assuming you don’t classify kick-ass customer service as an “incentive”). However, when talking long-term brand advocates, I believe the concept of incentives needs to be introduced somewhere along the timeline in order to continue that strong relationship.  We can’t make the advocate feel dirty (I’m not a fan of “tell a friend and get $5″ promotions) or used and we can’t always attach the incentive to the brand’s bottom line.  (Andy Sernovitz, the WOM mastermind,offered a good example today.) […]

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