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I notice when you squeeze me (and I don’t like it)

We use a hosted email service that makes it very easy to add a user with just a few clicks, and it automatically adjusts the bill up.

But when you cancel a user, you have to contact them to reduce the price. They could easily automatically reduce the price.

They do it willingly on request, but it’s not right. They have created a system that profits when I forget something. 

As much as I like the company and it’s services, these little, selfish moments grate away at my trust and respect. 

It took about three years for me to go from fanatical fan to shopping for alternatives. 

The Lesson: Do the right thing, every time. We notice when you don’t.

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  1. Adriana Beal February 25, 2014 at 8:47 pm #

    Oh, yes. I believe companies that do this sort of thing think customers are stupid and don’t notice these “little, selfish moments”.

    We actually do, and in the long run, these companies are left behind by businesses that opt to treat customers with honesty and respect.

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