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If you aren’t paying for the product, then YOU are the product

Something to remember:
You’re not paying for all those online services and apps that you enjoy.
But those businesses are spending and making big money. How?
By selling you — your attention, your clicks, your privacy, your personal data.
I’m not saying it’s bad. Sometimes it’s a good deal (trading your info for services). But you should always be aware that it’s a trade you’re making, and you should think about it.
P.S. Would you pay $1/month to Facebook or YouTube to have a version where they don’t sell your data?

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  1. Anita February 7, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    I have a feeling the debate on privacy and its implications is just getting started. I don’t think people ultimately want their meta data tracked and sold. But the debate has mostly focussed on national security so far. When the conversation moves beyond that I think we will see more people objecting and solutions cropping up to elude intrusive sorts of tracking.

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