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Insert lesson about planning or foresight here

So I finally moved the 273 bricks from the pile on the side of the house to a neat stack by the back fence.

Then I realized, “What the hell do I need 273 bricks for?”

So I ran an ad on Craigslist, and within an hour someone came and hauled them all away for free.

Of course, if I had just figured out that I didn’t need them in the first place, I could have had them taken away from the original spot — and I wouldn’t have spent a Saturday afternoon hauling bricks. 

There must be some sort of life or business lesson here.

Please share your suggestions!

Update: Here are the first few suggestions, please add yours in the comments: 

Travis: Begin with the end in mind.

Kevin: How can we interrupt our behavior/thinking in advance so that we can improve upon what we’re doing?  Better yet, how can we build systems to challenge our thinking?

Kurt: Don’t think about how you can take a bite out of a problem — think about what life looks like after the problem has been solved. Once you can picture that, you can figure out the steps you actually need to take to get there.

Megan: If before you started to move the bricks, you paused and thought about what goal you wanted to achieve by your actions, you may have realized before moving 273 bricks that the goal was to get rid of them all together.


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  1. tvjames February 28, 2014 at 9:58 am #

    Always consider the “carrying” costs. (Support, Maintenance, Storage, mental checklist of a necessary to-do list item, etc.)

    The fact that the bricks needed to be moved probably bugged you every time you saw them, or sat on a to do list incomplete for some time.

    There was the actual moving of the bricks themselves.

    In this particular case, there was no storage costs since you had ample free space (could it have been used for something else?).

    And they probably also represented some unfulfilled plan.

    Now, you set them free – they became a benefit to someone else and they’re no longer something you have to carry, literally or figuratively.

  2. JohnM March 6, 2014 at 1:07 pm #

    But if you had not moved the bricks, you would not have realized you did not need them?

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