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Is YouTube putting ads on your videos?

There are now ads superimposed on YouTube videos. 

Are they putting ads on my personal videos?

  1. I think YouTube has every right to do it.  Here’s the implied deal:  We get the service for free, they get to make money in exchange.
  2. There will be a great market for YouTube Pro – a $25 ad-free premium version, like Flickr Pro.

Take a look:


Click the image for the Greatest Song in The World. Here’s the better, original acoustic version.

It looks like Sony uploaded a copyrighted, produced version of the song in exchange for some of the ad revenue, but was also smart enough to leave the bootleg video too.

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  1. March 27, 2008 at 3:09 pm #

    It’s been in the works for a while. Lots of talk on the “blogosphere” a couple of months back. I would say around 50% of people think they hate it, and 50% of other people don’t mind it. While YouTube does have every right, content only becomes popular due to the “idea” and/or viral-ness of the creator. So think, the person who made the video should be the one getting credit, or in this case, money. Monetization in video to the CREATOR or user, is becoming a much wiser choice. has already started to do this. YouTube has no longer taken the ranks as innovative. Image bookmarking will be next, FFFFound is on the rise, and Yahoo has it’s sights set.

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