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Make your special customers feel special

home depot pro customer

Don’t just tell your best customers that they’re special.

Give them visible status that they can show off to their friends. Being a member of a loyalty program is nice. Showing off to my crew that I’m important is better.

Home Depot’s “pro customer parking” is a simple and smart way to show status.

Airlines do a lot of this. It’s feels great to bring your colleagues through the fast security line or to the VIP club.

What easy program can you create? What could you do with a few signs?

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  1. James Lamb February 20, 2011 at 8:16 am #

    United Airlines does this well. Or, I should say, they rub ti in the face of their non-special customers regularly. After an incident years ago, I swore never to fly with them again. After my company flew me somewhere on that airline, I was reminded again that I had made the right choice. If you use “treating the every day customer like crap” as one of your tools of elevating your special customer, then you’ve failed. Treat your non-special customers well enough that they aspire to be special customers.

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