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My favorite trade show booth ever

Each year Avery sets up a booth at the eBay Live! convention where you can print your own business cards for free. This is astonishingly clever.

1. There’s a reason to visit the booth. Folks at this event don’t usually have business cards, so they make it their first stop each year.

2. There’s a reason to tell your friends. They need cards too.

3. It has passive word of mouth. Each time you use a card, people see where you got it. You’re making recommendations, even when you’re not actively recommending.

4. It demonstrates the product.  Too many exhibitors waste time on a stupid gimmick. This gets hundreds of people active in a true product demo.

Watch this video interview from the booth:

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  1. Lindsay Price December 4, 2008 at 8:32 am #

    Wow. That’s awesome. We’re constantly trying to think of the draw factor for our booth – we’re slightly, ok gigantically smaller than Avery but the concept of draw still applies…

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