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Newsletter #1062: The “Stuff People Notice” Issue

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None of this stuff will win awards, and it might not have a huge impact on your bottom line. But it’s the kind of stuff your customers will notice, talk to their friends about, or even post about online.

Here are three examples of details people appreciate and talk about:

1. Details that make things easier
2. Details that recognize a pain point
3. Details that are just cool
4. Check it out: Two faces in one

1. Details that make things easier

In a crowded parking garage, it’s hard to tell where there’s an open spot. So you might accidentally pass one, and try to back up, but dang, there’s another car waiting behind you. Or maybe you think you’ve finally found one, but it’s already occupied by a MINI Cooper. At the DFW Airport, they placed LED lights above each space to indicate if the spot is occupied with a red or green light. Now, it’s easier to tell at a glance where you should park, which means parking faster, which means less rushing to your gate.

The lesson: This detail alone isn’t going to get passengers to pick DFW over Love Field. But it might put them in a better mood before they even get out of their car.

Learn more: Imgur

2. Details that recognize a pain point

Inside every bag of Hardtimes Beef Jerky is a toothpick. It’s even underlined on their packaging, “A toothpick in every pack. Now there’s a treat we can appreciate.” It distinguishes them from other jerky on the shelf.

The lesson: Is a toothpick going to convert a beef jerky enthusiast? No. Does anyone expect a beef jerky company to care if you get beef jerky stuck in your teeth? No. But because Hardtimes does, it says something about who they are as a company.

Learn more: Hardtimes Beef Jerky

3. Details that are just cool

Turkish Airlines lets passengers watch a live feed from the plane’s forward-facing camera during a flight. All planes have these cameras. Turkish Airlines is just the only one (that we know of) who thought their passengers might like to watch it too. This person thought it was so cool, they posted about it on Reddit.

Learn more: Your customers might not know about all of the cool stuff you have going on behind the scenes. What can you share with them that would make their experience better?

Learn more: Reddit

4. Check it out: Two faces in one

Photographer Alex John Beck created the project, Both Versions Of, to explore just how different two sides of your face can be. Using one portrait, he mirrored both the left side and right side of each model’s face to create two completely symmetrical faces. With some models, you’ll notice only slight differences between the two. But others look like two different people.

Check it out: Alex John Beck

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  1. Maria November 15, 2015 at 11:25 am #

    I think small things like this definitely do affect your bottom line, just indirectly. They get people talking about you, which is always a good thing.


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