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Screw ya later, alligator

imageAlways icky: The short-term discount that turns into an expensive, long-term contract. Maybe it gets you new customers. But it also leaves your most loyal customers resenting you, every month, forever.

How could you create an offer that excited future customers, but rewarded loyal ones?

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  1. Pat May 8, 2011 at 6:14 am #

    With the recent AT&T v Concepcion decision, it is clear that even “icky” deals no longer needs to be delivered. Contracts are only for “little people” not companies. Because of this one sided affair, I ignore all “special” deals that require a commitment beyond the special term.

    Sadly, this means that I assume that any “deal” now will be a screw-me “deal” so I can’t imagine any deal that I would believe in.

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