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Show your thanks — and show that you mean it

We’re a big supporter of Charity:Water here at GasPedal. With the help of our conference attendees and friends, we raised $10,000 to build two wells for villages without safe water.

So we were happy to get this nice thank you video from Paull Young.

And we were thrilled to see it personalized, genuine, and all about us. Sure beats the form letter that you get from most charities.

Paul and his team made 250 personalized thank-you videos. And they put them on YouTube for everyone to see and share. Which, of course, will lead to more fans and donors.

This is the new standard for excellent thank-you’s. What can you do?

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  1. Tori Porter October 3, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    We took this idea and ran with it – it’s brilliant. I work with a software company called Smith Micro, and we recently worked very closely with a great set of beta testers who acted as ambassadors for our product during the presales period of our recent Poser 9 & Poser Pro 2012 launch, while we frantically raced to get the final touches on the software. Boy, did those people step up and created a really amazing experience for everyone involved in the launch. We were very grateful, but no amount of times saying that, or copies of free software could show our true gratitude for what they continue to do for us. The Poser community in general is a very close knit group, and we’ve always had a direct relationship with our customers…so when I saw your post about this, we had to jump on it. Here is the video we made for our customers –

    We posted it on the RuntimeDNA forums that hosted our prelaunch events and also used it for our Facebook page and Twitter feeds. I’m happy to see in 4 days after posting that 261 of our customers have viewed the video, and the reaction from our customers for the unexpected thank you has been overwhelming. Who knew our cheesy attempt would make people cry? (Plus, it was really fun for us to get together and make.) Thank you so much for sharing this idea, it’s great! More people should take the time to say thank you in such a genuine way. This was a very quick and easy project that helped us connect with our customers and to show our appreciation. Hopefully more people took your suggestion!

    Tori Porter
    Online Marketing Manager
    Smith Micro Software, Productivity & Graphics

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