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So many sales lost…because of one important action

Woot led zeppelin

I am a big fan of Woot’s email promotions. More here.

But they stopped coming months ago — and I didn’t notice. Because nobody cares about missing a sales email, however good it might be. 

The only reason I noticed that they were missing is that they suddenly started showing up again.

Most likely, they had an email deliverability problem and the messages were getting junked until it was recently fixed. How many thousands and thousands of sales were lost?

You need to pay attention to email deliverability. If only 10% of your mail is getting blocked, you’re losing 10% of your sales. If 50% of your mail is getting blocked …

Think about what a 10%-50% increase in sales would do for your company.

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  1. tvjames December 21, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    A good notion, but I question the math.

    Attempted – who you attempted to send.

    Delivered – should be in the 98-100% range for a properly curated list with proper hygiene. (Attempted divided by no-error-message-received. Deliverability always exceeds true delivery because of silent deletes, unanswered challenges, etc. Should not be confused with “inbox placement.”)

    Unique open rate – (as measured by the first open by each unique subscriber) will range from 10-75% but usually be on the lower-end. You have people who are burnt out, people who sweep it into other folders, people who triage but haven’t bothered to unsubscribe, abandoned email addresses, etc.

    Click-through rate – clicks divided by delivered (not opens, oddly enough). Will be in the 2-4% range.

    Then you’ve got attrition once they get to your site and progress through your shopping experience. You might expect that a half-of-1% conversion rate on an email campaign.

    But you’re right – not staying on top of your deliverability means you miss the opportunity to make a sale (or more importantly, stay engaged with in the ongoing conversation with your supporters, advocates, customers, brand-extenders, etc.

    Here’s some stats:

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