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Social Media Policy — In Bed

John Moore created this fantastic visual interpretation of my quick tips for creating a social media policy.

My advice is that a social media policy isn’t that hard. Most of what you shouldn’t do in social media is something you shouldn’t do anyway. So just add “including social media” to your existing policies.


  • johnmoorefortuneExisting policy: Don’t share confidential information by email, phone, or any other way.
  • Social media: Don’t share confidential information — by email, phone, or any other way — including social media.

It’s like the fortune cookie game, where you add “in bed” to everyone’s fortune.

John’s visuals are great. See them all in his full post here.

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  1. john moore (from Brand Autopsy) February 10, 2011 at 7:37 am #

    Thanks Andy. I found that simple advice you shared at Blogwell Austin to be very worthwhile. Someone on my blog made a good comment saying that such a policy should be written in the positive and not the negative. Smart comment. Flipping it to positive is easy be writing it this way: “Do engage online without sharing confidential company information.” “Do engage online without making offensive or hostile comments.” Etc.

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