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Are your jewels cool?

Cool Jewels Columbia

Do you want people to talk about your product?

Give them a name to remember and a name that’s easy to share.

Which are you more likely to talk about:

  • Capilene 1 Stretch Boxer Briefs (Patagonia)
  • Light Boxer Briefs (The North Face)
  • Coolest Cool Jewels 6 Inch Short (Columbia)

The topic of Cool Jewels sparked instant conversation about high-tech underpants in our office, and we’ll remember it for months.

The Lesson: You need a conversation starter to start a conversation. Don’t bury your word of mouth under a boring name. Another example here.

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  1. Nick S. April 26, 2013 at 10:04 am #

    I love examples like this. Witty writing and product names have been on the up and up over the last five years or so. I give a lot of credit to Groupon. Say what you will about their business, but they certainly put a lot of with and creativity into their writing. Good job, Columbia.

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