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Stealing is how your fans become evangelists

I scanned an article out of a magazine and emailed it to 15 people in my office. They might send it on to a few dozen more people.

The magazine could freak out and call me a thief.

Or, they could be excited that I just advertised their publication to a bunch of prospective subscribers, for free, with my personal recommendation. I hope they get some new subscribers.

(There is a line. If I re-published the article on my blog or copy the work as my own, that would be copyright abuse. But reasonable sharing is good for everyone.)

Example: We give away all the videos from our BlogWell conferences, because we know that the live experience is worth the money. We love how people spread them far and wide.

How are you making it easy for your fans to share some of your best stuff?

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  1. T.v Serials June 7, 2011 at 12:39 am #

    I understand where your coming from. Not wanting you’re characters to well, be out of character and seeing them with completely weird characters.

    I did write fanfiction for a while, but then I actually couldn’t write any of the characters because I just couldn’t think of what they would do in a situation like that. So I just ended up making up – as you say my own little universe.

    And I found that my own little world had been COPIED completely into another site. I was confused on why someone would even do that… Still I know that people write fanfics maybe because they are bored or want to try and make the characters do something that in their minds would seem cool. Or something…

    Anyway, I do agree with you – though fanfic is okay as long as the orginal author gave consent I suppose.

    Personally if it was just my own characters… That wree taken and KEPT in character I wouldn’t mind as long as they didn’t do anything… Weird.

    But yes, if I did find them being completely – different and not even them. I would go nuts.

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