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Style vs Clutter

Perfectly-placed doodads can turn an ordinary room into a stylish one. 

Or they fill the place with crud.

I’m staying at a W Hotel because the bellhops are pretty. The rooms are nice, with almost all the amenities. but full of stuff that is constantly in my way. It would be a nicer room if there was a place for my stuff, too.

  • 4 mini pencils
  • A Buddha
  • A statue of a child
  • Chinese checkers, full-size
  • 4 design magazines
  • 2 books
  • A paperweight (only $25 if you want to take it home)

And no coffee. No coffee=grouchy 5 am blog posts.


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  1. James September 26, 2007 at 9:33 am #

    Any time I’m staying at a hotel, the first thing I do after dropping my bags on the bed is make a sweep of the suite.
    All the “drink it and we’ll bill you” water goes where they’ll see it but it’s out of my way, all the clutter and advertising goes in the desk drawer with the phone book. They can put it all back out after I leave.
    The notepads and pens go with me at the end of the trip. The “Embassy Suites” notepads are the perfect size for quick notes.

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