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I wish my competitors great success…

Rob La Gesse, the Chief Disruption Officers at Rackspace, shares some smart thoughts about why you should hope your competitors succeed: Why I wish Amazon Web Services the best A couple years ago, ServInt — a “competitor” to my employer wrote this blog post: Why ServInt Stands Beside Rackspace and You Should Too. I sent the author of […]

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Would you let a customer walk away for 40 cents?

Of course not. So copy this simple example and honor your competitor’s coupons. A coupon holder is ready to buy, and you don’t want to lose them over a small discount. Especially if it’s one of your regulars who is being tempted by the competition. Most of the time, your economics are the same as […]

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It’s not about the competition. It’s about not sucking.

All the competition in the world doesn’t matter. You sucking more than the competition does. Read this insightful article by Mike Masnick about the movie industry. He talks about how movie theaters are in a constant panic about competition from DVDs and on-demand options. Which is the wrong thing to be paying attention to. It’s […]

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Are you paying attention? How things change suddenly and radically.

One simple idea can gut the revenue of an industry. Example: Skype has a new offer that could suck hundreds of millions of dollars out of the international call business. They reroute international calls so they work just like local calls (and cost as little). But the interesting part: There’s nothing new about that technology. […]

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Shooting yourself in the foot

Why isn’t there Microsoft Outlook for iPhone? Obviously, because Apple and Microsoft would rather beat each other to death. But Microsoft loses this one. I’ve been a loyal Outlook user forever. I dig deep into the tasks and notes. But I switched to an iPhone (from a Windows phone) — and Outlook tasks and notes […]

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New: Dell’s Social Innovation Competition

Announced today:  The Dell Social Innovation Competition.  It's a worthy cause, and a great use of crowdsourcing tools. The deadline is Feb. 20. "The RGK Center at The University of Texas and Dell are looking for college students worldwide with ingenious ideas to change the world. Dream up a plan that combines creativity and innovation […]

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