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Tag Archives: Consumer Reports

Which politicians are most corrupt?

State legislators in Texas and North Carolina are taking bribes (sorry, campaign contributions) from local auto dealers to prevent Tesla from selling cars in their state. They are calling it unfair competition. Unfair because Tesla’s Model S outsold the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, and Audi A8 last quarter? Unfair because Consumer Reports is calling the […]

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You are worse than dog poop

Consumer Reports did a survey of top consumer gripes: Hidden fees – 8.9 Not getting a human on the phone – 8.6 Tailgating – 8.3 Cell-phone use by drivers – 8.0 Incomprehensible bills – 7.8 Dog poop – 7.6 Unreliable Internet service – 7.6 Discourteous cell phone use – 7.6 Waiting for repair people – […]

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