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Tag Archives: Derek Sivers

The only way to run a business

I got to the third page of Derek Sivers’ book, Anything You Want, and I had to stop and blog this. I also bought the book for everyone in the company. This is so right: Business is not about making money. It’s about making dreams come true for others and for yourself. Making a company […]

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How to start a movement in less than three minutes

Watch this amazing TED Talk from Derek Sivers. It’s not about social media, it’s not about your marketing strategy. It’s about inspiring people to follow. Best line: “The first follower turns a lone nut into a leader.”

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A name worth repeating

You need to give yourself a name or category that is memorable and repeatable.  People can't talk about you if they can't remember your name. People can't talk about you if you do the same thing as everyone else.  (That's branding/positioning lesson #1). Here's a classic from the Derek Sivers, sent in by Laura Roeder: […]

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