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Social media metrics:You’re missing the big ROI number

“… not one of the marketers we surveyed listed the amount of content forwarded by users as their most important metric,” according to Forrester’s “Three Steps to Measuring Social Media Marketing” research. But that’s the one that matters. When someone forwards your content, you get your message in front of a new prospect. We call […]

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How to measure word of mouth

Forrester’s “Three Steps to Measuring Social Media Marketing” suggests six categories of social media metrics: 1. User reach describes how far and wide your messages spread. 2. User impact describes how your efforts change consumers’ actions or opinions. 3. Volume of participation describes how many customers interact with your social initiatives. 4. Quality of participation […]

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You’d be fired if you paid for fake testimonials in your TV ads …

… so why would you even consider using a service like Izea to pay bloggers to write about you? Just because it's social media doesn't make it right. This isn't an issue of fine lines and gray areas: Writing an endorsement of a product you have never used is illegal and has always been illegal […]

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Blogs are your best search marketing investment

Type "Jeremiah" into Google.  You'll get Jeremiah (the Biblical Prophet), Jeremiah (the TV show), and Jeremiah Owyang, the blogger from Forrester (who may or may not be a prophet – look at the pictures and decide.) Owyang is #5 in Google.  Before you spend a nickel on search marketing, try assigning one employee to blog […]

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