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Leah Chamberlin, I’ll give you $100 if you are a real person

If you’re hiring a company to write blog posts for you and have them published as guest posts on blogs, you’re probably getting ripped off. (There are legit content marketing services out there, but many are scams.) Check out the email below. It’s the standard formula that the fake-blog-post industry uses. Fake name, no company, […]

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If your company pays for fake word of mouth, we can catch you

Paying for fake reviews and disguised blog post advertorials is wrong. It’s lying to people, plain and simple. If your company does it, you’re evil, untrustworthy, and stupid. Why risk your brand reputation and FTC prosecution for a back-alley marketing stunt? Good news: Researchers from the University of Victoria have designed and validated a detection […]

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Will your agency tell you if you’re about to break the law and humiliate your brand?

Here is how your brand gets busted for an unethical and/or illegal stealth marketing campaign: 1. You ask your agency about this “pay per post stuff” you’ve heard about. 2. They have no idea what to do, so they go out and find someone selling it. But they don’t tell you that they don’t know […]

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BlogHer continues to lead on paid blogging ethics

Watch this video from Ad Age where BlogHer's Elisa Page talks about the importance of ethics around paid blogging.  As Elisa says, "the mere disclosure that a blogger is accepting money to include product mentions in a post is not enough to solve the problem." BlogHer's principles of separating advertising and editorial are right on. 

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