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Tag Archives: product features

There were four choices and I picked this one

Why? Because it had a resealable bag. What simple feature can you add that gives you the competitive advantage? Is it so small that you missed it?

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How to turn a negative into a positive

Trying to sell something that isn’t as good as the competition? Flip it around. Take your worst attribute or the thing you’re lacking — and make it the feature. You’ll stand out. And you’ll quickly discover that not every customer wants the same thing that everyone else is trying to sell.

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Show it, don’t sell it

Are HoneyBell oranges really juicier? I don’t know, but the free, funny bibs included with every order sure get people talking about it. What can you do (for less than 5 cents) to tell your story? Even better: What can you do to get your buyers to tell your story to their friends? (P.S. Thanks […]

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How to win against a worthy competitor

You can work really hard to make your product perfect. But when it comes to a close finish with an equally-good competitor, the simple extra touches are what put you in the lead. If I’m going to pick a doctor, I’ll probably go with one that has free wifi in the waiting area. Especially if […]

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