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Tag Archives: product innovation

Better market research: Just ask

Before you go spend a bunch of money on market research, why not just ask your customers what they think? Here’s a great example from Amazon:

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Are you paying attention? How things change suddenly and radically.

One simple idea can gut the revenue of an industry. Example: Skype has a new offer that could suck hundreds of millions of dollars out of the international call business. They reroute international calls so they work just like local calls (and cost as little). But the interesting part: There’s nothing new about that technology. […]

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Give Microsoft a break

Everyone loves to bash them and complain about the features. Except … a billion people wake up, boot up Windows, and it works just fine. We all use it, all day, every day. It’s the single most successful thing invented since the car. Quite a remarkable achievement, when you think about it.

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Chief Inefficiency Officer says, “Don’t screw up the whisky!”

So many companies build something great — then go off a cliff when they forget to stop at the top. How are you balancing innovation with execution and tradition? Sometimes it’s OK to stop changing and instead invest your effort in keeping something great. That’s the challenge facing Rob Samuels as he prepares to take […]

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