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Tag Archives: up-sell

How to get $48 in 15 seconds

The Dollar Shave Club is famous for building a business selling discount razors based on one fantastic viral video. But their real secret? It’s easy, easy, easy to buy from them. So when they launched a new product — butt wipes for men — I clicked the link. It took less than 15 seconds to […]

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If you make me listen to a sales pitch when I activate my credit card, I’m going to think you’re an ass

Why don’t you thank me for doing business with you for another year? Why don’t you show some appreciation for my ongoing loyalty? Why don’t you thank me for the annual fee I just paid you?

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What does your cell phone charger say about you?

The EU has required that cell phone makers all use the same USB charger. This is a good thing. It will save a ton of waste, expense, and hassle for consumers (more detail). But it’s also a lesson to all manufacturers who intentionally changed the plugs and connectors with every model so they could sell […]

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