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When a catalog becomes a magazine

A catalog is junk mail — a stack of ads that go right in the trash. A well-written, interesting catalog is an entirely different story. It becomes a magazine.  A magazine is something that people anticipate, enjoy, re-read, and buy from.  Legendary catalogs that people covet included J. Peterman, Miles Kimball, and the Nieman Marcus […]

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Let’s talk like real people

Google’s browser asks me if I want to translate a web page. Not with a complicated menu item, just with a simple plain-English question: “This page is in Japanese. Would you like to translate it?” And if I don’t want to? I click “Nope”. Would the techies and marketers at your company hold a committee […]

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Everything you need to know about being an AMAZING writer

Never write a word you wouldn’t say out loud. Say what you want to say out loud to a friend. Say it a few times until it’s awesome. Then type it up.

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