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The art of “implied” word of mouth

IMG_2778This local tree repair company would love it if every one of my neighbors called me, a new resident, and made a referral. Which, of course, is hard to pull off.

So they flip it around and give me a flyer listing all of my neighbors that they work with. This is what we call “implied” word of mouth. It isn’t the same as a direct endorsement, but it gives the same feeling. It lets the buyer think “all these people are using it, it must be OK.”

You can use this technique in lots of ways: A “customer favorites” shelf, a “most popular” list, or anything that shows that lots of customers are happy.

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  1. Julie Gomoll April 30, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    I get that same flyer on my door. Every damn month. Sometimes twice. I have exactly the opposite response to it. There are so many addresses… did he really get approval from all of them to put their addresses on his flyer? I’m skeptical. Plus there are a few addresses of my neighbors, and to my knowledge they don’t actually use him. Testimonials & recommendations are wonderful things, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with my address showing up on someones advertising.

    He did make the right move, though, when he switched from “Good Mourning” to “Good Morning”.

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