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The rising importance of word of mouth

New research from eMarketer about the importance of word of mouth marketing. Highlights:

  • 25 million US adults regularly share advice on products or services online
  • 91% of US adults regularly or occasionally seek advice about products or services
  • 94.1% of US adults regularly or occasionally give advice to others about products or services

"Recommendations from friends" is considered the most worthwhile form of promotion by 57% of internet users, with email newsletters a strong second at 33%.

Lesson #1: Clue to marketers — Telemarketing is at 0.6% and web banners at 2.6%.  Move your time and money to word of mouth marketing, where it actually works!

The report highlights work from BigResearch and DoubleClick.

Lesson #2: eMarketer is very talented at getting word of mouth for themselves.  I heard about this in a great email newsletter they sent me.  Even better, they fill their publications with free charts and graphs like the ones below – making it easy for guys like me to advertise for them. Every day, hundreds of executives are advertising eMarketer to their colleagues in presentations and blog posts. You don’t get a stronger endorsement than that. And all they had to do what share some nice graphics.

What are you giving people to make them look good when they talk about you?





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  1. Donor Power Blog July 16, 2007 at 10:54 am #

    How to get people talking about you (the right way)

    If you think direct mail is complicated and mysterious, take a look at word of mouth. And you’d be smart to take a look, because word of mouth is the single thing that influences people’s spending decisions more than anything

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