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Three classics that always get people talking

This is a post from our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day.

When you’re just getting started with word of mouth, we recommend you start with classic, reliable ways to get people talking. What to focus on:

1. Keeping it personal
2. Offering an unexpected perk
3. Delivering extra-special service

1. Keeping it personal

Personalized service makes us feel special and valued, and it gives us a great reason to talk. Build this into your process by focusing on the basics: Send hand-written notes, speak to them like a human, and find personalized ways to say thanks. Most of your competitors aren’t doing this, which means you’ve got a big opportunity here.

2. Offering an unexpected perk

Plan to surprise your customers with an unexpected perk. Restaurants should have a dessert to sample, online retailers should add an extra something to their shipments, and service companies should plan to do a little extra when they’re on the job. Your talkers are busy and it’s hard to get their attention — so you need to learn how to surprise them.

3. Delivering extra-special service

Fantastic service that thrills your customers — the kind where you do something unbelievably amazing — never fails to get people talking. For quick inspiration, think about the Southwest pilot who ordered pizza for the entire flight during an extended delay on the tarmac. Just a few of these remarkable moments can jump-start some fantastic word of mouth for you.

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