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When you go the extra mile

Big idea:  What if every employee could make one extra customer happy each day? How many referrals would you get?  Would it cost anything?

From MotiveQuest’s Tom O’Brien

On Friday afternoon I returned to the Hertz LAX location at 12:30 PM with 1 hour until my flight left. If I didn’t make the flight, I would be stuck at LAX for at least 6 hours. To make things worse, I was flying on United – which at LAX is the last of 9 stops that the Hertz bus makes. 

So I got out of the car and started sprinting toward the bus. Someone called out “Sir, Sir”. I turned around, thinking someone wanted to give me a receipt when a Hertz employee named Walter told me to get back in the car so he could drive me around to United. 

We had a nice chat and Walter told me that LAX has a policy of trying to help disabled people, families and those running really late (like me) get to the terminal quickly. 

Well, I made my plane and got home to see my family that night thanks to the initiative and efforts of Walter at LAX. This is a great example of one person going above and beyond the call of duty to help someone — and I definitely appreciate it. 

Please pass on my thanks to Walter and to his supervisor. 

Tom O’Brien
Hertz Fan Forevermore

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  1. Tom O'Brien October 10, 2008 at 8:23 am #

    Hi Andy:
    Thanks for the callout. I will be putting up a part II of this regarding Hertz’s response to my commendation for Walter.

  2. Torley October 10, 2008 at 10:36 am #

    Also, an important question to quickly ask is: WHO is this customer and WHAT will they do with your extra service? No, we don’t have the luxury of extra time to size up everyone. Yes, it’s nice to be easy. And an even bigger YES if you intuit or deduce that the person you treat nice will go on with that to influence others positively.
    In this case, Tom O’Brien blogged about it and got your attention, Andy! If he hadn’t, this extra light on Hertz and Walter likely wouldn’t have happened.
    This is more true of online encounters than offline, in-person ones. I’m not saying to ferret someone’s Facebook info and get all the goods — but someone especially chatty with a blog (not just an elite thing, especially in parts of the world like Japan) can go the extra MILES, plural, because you helped get them going. :)
    Which is better than someone who feels good, but doesn’t tell it (word of mouth) to anyone else. This isn’t about key influencers. This is about spreading the word.

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