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Why did you add me to your email list?

I didn’t ask. That means it’s spam.

Simple as that.

You’re not special. You hate it when people add you to to their spam list. So why would you add “just a few people you think are interested.”

Even if they are, they now think you’re an idiot or an ass because you think you get some exemption to the spam rule.

Guaranteed way to lose a customer and a friend.

(In case you’re still not clear, the only correct way to add someone to your email list is if they — not you — voluntarily check a box that says “add me to your email list” and click “submit.”)

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  1. Mahmoud Ghoz December 2, 2010 at 6:02 am #

    what if I asked them through “Mail” to subscribe to my list by replying for example, shall this consider as a spam?

    Or what if I started send them an emails and place down in the footer with clear red colored font, that this is not spam and if you are not intrested to recieve any furthur emails click here and add link to unsubscribtion, shall this still considered as spam?

  2. Andy Sernovitz December 2, 2010 at 7:17 am #

    There is no gray area: If someone did not ask to be put on your email list, you cannot email them. If it is unasked-for or unexpected, then it is spam.

    It doesn’t matter how they sign up, as long as it is intentional and not a trick.

    There is nothing that you can say in the email that makes it not spam. It is about how they sign up, not how you make excuses.

    Saying “this is not spam” in a spam is like saying “this is a pillow” when you hit someone with a hammer. It’s still a hammer.

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