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Why hasn’t a national gas station chain installed electric car chargers?

History repeats itself:

  • An industry is threatened by technological change
  • Most established leaders ignore it or fight it
  • Sometimes one embraces the future and takes the lead
  • Usually, some new competitor comes out of nowhere and kicks their ass

Electric cars are coming, and one national gas station chain has 12 months to gain a massive victory by installing chargers at all their stations:

  • Stunning PR win
  • A generation of loyalty from electric-car adopters
  • Guaranteed business from operators of electric car fleets
  • Sales in their store and restaurants from people waiting for a charge
  • Insurance against obsolescence

Sadly, no one on this list is likely to take the easy win. They’re going to wake up and find out that a hamburger chain with chargers is the number one place for car owners to refuel.

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  1. Chad P November 15, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

    Given the current length it takes to charge electric cars, is it more likely we’ll see competition crop up from someone like Holiday Inn or Cracker Barrel? Both have an extensive presence across America’s highway system but are already setup for patrons for stay for a while. I could see this being a boom for a national hotel chain.

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