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Working with bloggers instead of creating your own

image J.C. Penney wanted to draw traffic to their site for fall shopping.  Blogs are perfect for this … but they didn’t have an experienced blog team.  Instead, they worked with Federated Media, a network of independent bloggers, to create a new site that reprinted the blogs’ content.

Results were fantastic: They now show up in the top 10 search results for "fall shopping."  Presumably the bloggers are thrilled, too, with all the extra traffic.

Abbey Klaassen wrote a great case study about this in Ad Age (read it here).

My quote from the article:  "From a marketer’s perspective, it’s hard to write good stuff all the time and have a diversity of voices. When you can find like-minded folks who create a rich conversation, you get a much more appealing product."

Lesson 1:  Blogs are amazing tools to generate traffic from search engines.

Lesson 2:  Blogging is a cooperative community.  Lots of people will help you out.

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  1. Matthew Greber January 26, 2008 at 12:51 am #

    Andy, appreciated your speech at…and you mentioned this (as did someone else later) as a great example. Yet, when I go to that site, I see NOTHING that associates it with J.C. Penney, either directly or indirectly. I’m hard pressed to see how this creates any SEO benefit for J.C. Penney (though obviously for Federated), and regardless of the launch hype of this, that’s not very long lasting or worth it. The benefits of blogging and paying others to do so is, at least partially, to send traffic to your site, some of which converts into sales. Either I’m missing how this is happening here, or a separate benefit I’m not appreciating enough. Which is it?

  2. Andy Sernovitz January 26, 2008 at 5:53 am #

    Hmmm. That’s odd. There was a ton of J.C. Penney branding on it when I wrote the post last week. Not sure what happened there.
    Whatever execution issues may be happening, the principle is still useful: You may be better off partnering with bloggers than trying to blog on your own.

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