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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #101

Great Tell-A-Friend Pages
Issue # 101

1> The More, The Merrier
2> Keep It Easy
3> Respect and Reassure Them

1> The More, The Merrier

Your Forward-To-A-Friend (“FTAF”) page should enable users to forward an article to more than one person. Once you get readers to a page where they are going to advertise your product to their friends, why only offer room for one name? Use 10 blanks so they can send it to all their friends. Even better, remember who they sent it to last time, and pre-populate the fields with the email addresses of their friends.

2> Keep It Easy

Make sure your FTAF page can be filled out in under 30 seconds. Automatically add the sender’s name and email address if you’ve got it. Include a sample introductory message that will be appended to the forward. Let them edit it before sending, but most users will appreciate the convenience of your generic text. Remove anything that can be an obstacle: logins, passwords, and any extra fields only increase the chance that the form will never be used — and that you will lose a free promotion.

3> Respect and Reassure Them

These days, everyone is nervous about privacy and spam. Make sure that your FTAF page prominently states that you will only use the email addresses provided for the purpose of forwarding the message. (Yes, it would be unethical for you to use those addresses anyway, so you might as well get credit for being good.) Do this and the percentage of people who complete the form will jump.

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