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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #109

Painless Unsubscribes
Issue # 109

1> One-Step Removal
2> Skip The Password
3> Is Your Unsubscribe Good Enough?

1> One-Step Removal

Let your readers unsubscribe from your list with a single click. If you make them jump through hoops to get off the list, you’re going to lose more than a reader — you’ll burn the business relationship too. Give them a simple link that takes them off the list and an email address where they can send a message to unsubscribe. Don’t take them to a form, don’t make them log in, just get them off the list. Any decent email list software or hosting company offers this feature. Turn it on.

2> Skip The Password

Don’t require a password for unsubscribing. It’s unnecessary, and it seriously upsets readers. Who has time to go look up a password for a list they joined months ago? Just take them off the list. Unsubscribing is just not a security issue. If you are worried about accidental unsubscribes, send an email message confirming the unsubscribe and asking if they want to re-subscribe.

3> Is Your Unsubscribe Good Enough?

Ask yourself these questions: Can your readers unsubscribe when they aren’t online? They can’t if you only offer a “click here to unsubscribe.” Make sure they can also send an email, so they can take care of it from their inbox. Does the unsubscribe only work if a request is sent from the address that originally signed up? You’ll have thousands of frustrated readers who use multiple email addresses at work and home. When is the last time you tested your unsubscribe? Try it at least once a month. How long does it take to get off the list? “Instantly” is the only correct answer.

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