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Archive | May, 2007

Andy talks to Guy Kawasaki

Here’s a quick little interview I did with Guy Kawasaki, about Truemors, venture capital, the Moto Q that we both have. (Guy uses a Microsoft product?!)

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Exclusive: Guy Kawasaki’s new speech (Scoop? Truemor?)

Guy and I were the co-keynotes for Silicon Valley AMA lunch.  It was a great event full of smart and charming people. If you’ve seen Guy talk you know he’s great.  You also may have seen version of the speech more than once. Not anymore!  Guy treated us to a new presentation that was fantastic.  […]

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Domain crazy

I’m looking for a domain for a new project (company?) that I’m starting. I emailed 3 people who had pretty good domains that they aren’t using, offering to buy the domains. Each of them asked me for $2 million +. That’s just stupid. To those of you who think you’re cashing in on a hot […]

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#6.01: The “$1.6 Billion Question” Issue

Why did YouTube sell for $1.6 billion when there were dozens of other video sharing sites? It’s all about “tell a friend” links. 1> Ask 2> Ask everywhere 3> Make it easy 4> Check it out: Free Seth Godin book 1> Ask What’s the #1 way to get people to spread word of mouth for […]

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Damn! Google. WOW.

Want to get people talking? Wow them. Check out the “Street View” on Google Maps.

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Dear Sony

Dear Sony: Please accept my sympathies.  You’ve become the old guy wearing khakis at the rock concert.  It’s time to accept that you’re just not cool any more. It’s time for us to go our separate ways.  Yes…I’m breaking up with you. We used to be in love.  I eagerly bought everything you offered. TV, […]

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The first graduate course on Word of Mouth Marketing

Just in: I’ll be teaching the first graduate-level course anywhere dedicated to Word of Mouth Marketing.  Northwestern University’s Integrated Marketing Communications Program, in the Medill School of Journalism has been kind enough to invite me to join the faculty. This will be a summer course. The students will be doing a ton of real-world live […]

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Hey, Entrepreneurs: TAKE A DAY OFF!

Dear Entrepreneur: It’s a holiday weekend.  You need to turn off your computer, take a deep breath, and relax for a few minutes. Why? Everyone else is relaxing.  Don’t be bugging them with emails over the holiday. Your job is to convince people that you are a "real" CEO of a "real" company.  It’s hard […]

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A Measurement Double Standard

Everyone is talking about how we measure the ROI of word of mouth and social media. It’s an important topic, and I helped lead the early efforts in the field when I was at WOMMA. Here’s what’s bugging me. Talk to some traditional marketers about blogs or word of mouth — and they demand formal […]

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